Pentimento Productions

Pentimento Productions was established in 2009 to produce the work of Queensland playwright Sven Swenson. The company was incorporated in 2013 and is supported by a management committee. It has a firm commitment to placing artists first in all its decision making and aims to create a new benchmarks for quality independant theatre in Brisbane.

Pentimento provides Brisbane-based artists with opportunities to develop skills and competencies in the creation, production and presentation of theatrical works. It works to establish collaborative partnerships to enrich the theatrical culture of Brisbane and to generate public interest and promote participation in theatre.

Pentimento is a visual arts term which describes when the artists repents an initial vision, painting over the original work and how, with the passage of time, images of the old work looms through the new, like old ghosts haunting the canvas.

Each of the Sundial Plays uses ‘time’ as a central protagonist, often allowing old ghosts to return and haunt the present until laid to rest. Swenson frequently employs two or more timeframes simultaneously, creating a strong sense of more than one vision occupying a single narrative canvas.