Angel Gear & Dangerfield Park

I can’t pretend that I enjoyed this experience, but it made me realise that the deepest human emotions are universal, and that decent values can prevail even in the most hopeless­ seeming societies. - Alison Cotes - Daily Review

Angel Gear

With Cindy Nelson, Zachary Boulton, Sven Swenson, Keiran Law, Casey Woods, Sam Plummer, Michael Deed, Stephen Geronimos and Daniel Stockwell

After the break-up of her marriage to Edge Nagle, Gary Redding’s mother took him to live in London. Gary hasn’t seen his father since he was four years old. His Mum always painted a picture of Edge as a quiet man whose greatest sin was being dull. She lied. Since her death Gary has wanted to re-connect with Edge and meet the two half-brothers he has recently learned of. The trip is planned to be six weeks long, but within an hour of meeting his foul-mouthed, hate-filled father, Gary will be terrified he will not live to see London again.

Dangerfield Park

With Nick Barclay, Christos Mourtzakis, Brian Lucas, Zachary Boulton, Sven Swenson and Michael Deed


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Like the
 bastard child of
 Kath & Kim
 and Wolf 
Creek, the
 Angel Gear by
 Sven Swenson 
is a production 
about unlikeable people and their horrible existence…I came away from this La Boite Indie production both awed and repulsed by Swenson.

Sonny Clarke – Aussie Theatre

When it goes horribly wrong — and I’ll spare you the details, because the plot is complex but too satisfying to reveal, and the language and behaviour is beyond forgiveness — is where the play rises almost to greatness, when themes of love and loyalty become important, and where unaccountable relationships are played out. I can’t pretend that I enjoyed this experience, but it made me realise that the deepest human emotions are universal, and that decent values can prevail even in the most hopeless­seeming societies.
Alison Cotes – Daily Review


Angel Gear awarded - BEST INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION - Matilda Awards

Sven Swenson awarded - GOLD MATILDA AWARD - for co-producing, writing and acting in Angel Gear and Dangerfield Park

Sven Swenson awarded BEST MALE ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE (Angel Gear) - Matilda Awards


Angel Gear nominated for THE LORD MAYOR'S AWARD FOR BEST NEW AUSTRALIAN WORK - Matilda Awards

Casey Woods nominated for BEST FEMALE ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE - Matilda Awards

CAST - Angel Gear

Chantel: Cindy Nelson

Creed: Zachary Boulton

Edge: Sven Swenson

Foz: Kieran Law

Gary: Daniel Stockwell

Jayanne: Casey Woods

Smeg: Michael Deed

Sugar: Stephen Geronimos

Spite: Sam Plummer

CAST - Dangerfield Park

Kieran/Reyer: Nick Barclay

Marc: Christos Mourtzakis

Otis: Brian Lucas

Perry: Zachary Boulton

Sholto: Sven Swenson

Tim: Michael Deed


Directors: Brian Lucas & Sven Swenson

Assistant Director: James Trigg

Stage Manager: Belinda McCormack & Rowena Taylor

ASM: Ella Gordon

Crew: Cameron Clark, Matty Milne, Brooklyn Pace, Michelle Zahner

Design: Matthew Dickie

Fight Director: Nigel Poulton

Assistant Fight Directors: Justin Palazzo-Orr & Tim Dashwood

Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright

Composer: Sven Swenson

Sound Design: Brent Lammas & Sven Swenson

Musical Arrangement: Brent Lammas & Peter Crees

Vocal Arrangement: Brent Lammas

Violinist: Peter Crees

Keyboards: Mitchell Fairlie, Brent Lammas

Guitar: Tom Fairlie

Bass: Peter Crees

Vocalist: Sven Swenson

Duet: Sven Swenson & Brent Lammas

Choir: Anthony de Marco, Michelle Zahner, Brent Lammas, Lyn Fairlie, Peter Crees, Cindy Nelson

Backing Vocals: Brent Lammas, Peter Crees, Cindy Nelson

Additional Vocals: Stephen Geronimos, Chiara Lagana, Michael Deed, Brian lucas

Voiceovers: Cindy Nelson, Sven Swenson, Michael Deed

Recording Engineer: Brent Lammas

Set Constructions: James Trigg, Matthew Dickie, Stuart Alcock, Peter Crees

Props: Belinda McCormack, Ella Gordon, Lyn Fairlie, James Trigg, Sven Swenson

Visual Artist: Sven Swenson

Producers: Brent Lammas, Rowena Taylor, Sven Swenson

Photography: Rebecca Taylor