"If you think theatre can’t bring you to the edge of your seat, this suspense-ridden plot will change your mind.” - Kellie Scott - Absolute Theatre

Acclaimed Brisbane playwright Sven Swenson (The Truth About Kookaburras/Angel Gear) presents this uniquely-Australian psychological thriller from The Sundial Plays.

On New Year’s Eve, 1918, Angus Drummond and Seth McClusky, two recently returned soldiers, sneak away to a broken down humpy to tend to their home-made still. However, on this particular evening, much darker events shall unfold, with far-reaching consequences.

Six weeks later, on Valentine’s Day, the notorious Binny Broadfoot has had a day of ill-omens. A knock on the door signals Binny’s premonition of unexpected company. A death will follow. Of that, Binny is certain.

As these two timeframes unfold simultaneously, each character desperately clings to their vision of a perfect life. But what price are they willing to pay?


With Sarah McLeod, Michael Deed, James Trigg, Sam Ryan, Cameron Clark, Caitlin Hill and Gene Banyard

In the wake of the First World War, two life-changing scenes occur six weeks and two miles apart. A split stage and intercut timeframes weave a Machiavellian game of words and skirmishes in a uniquely Australian Gothic horror/psychological thriller.

On New Year’s Eve 1918 a couple of returned soldiers gather in the putrid dwelling of a feared social outcast. While its owner prowls the night, Angus Drummond uses Jurgi Girdler’s shack to tend to his home-made still, but tonight the shack will be used for much darker purposes with far-reaching consequences.

On St. Valentine’s Day 1919 superstitious Binny Broadfoot has had a day of ill-omens. When the knock of a frightened neighbour comes at her door, Binny’s portent of unexpected company is realised. Unwelcome though she is, Justine Cutler’s fear of the dark won’t permit her to leave and Binny has plans that don’t include an audience.


Tiptoe nominated for Best Independent Production - Matilda Awards.

Sarah McLeod nominated for Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role - Matilda Awards


Binny Broadfoot: Sarah McLeod

Snow Cutler: Michael Deed

Angus Drummond: James Trigg

Seth McClusky: Sam Ryan

Justine Cutler: Caitlin Hill

Archie Cutler: Cameron Clark

Jurgi Girdler: Gene Banyard


Director: Sven Swenson

Set Design: Brent Lammas

Composer/Sound Designer: Wil Hughes

Lighting Designer: Tim Gawne

Costume Design: Peter Crees & Belinda McCormack

Props Master: Matthew Dickie

Producers: Sven Swenson, Brent Lammas & Casey Woods

Assistant Director: Zachary Boulton

Production Manager: Rowena Taylor

Production Assistant: Yasmin Cacciotti

Stage Manager: Samantha Rutledge

Assistant Stage Manager: Brooklyn Pace

Set Construction: Peter Lill, Stuart Alcock, Brent Lammas & Matt Dickie

Videographer: John English

Photography: CG Photography


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Sven Swenson has a talent for dialogue and Tiptoe proves to be no exception. The script is brilliant and its dialogue strikingly authentic down to the finest of language details…It is only in Act Three, when the plot twists around upon itself in unforeseen ways, that its genius can truly be appreciated.

Meredith Walker – Blue Curtains Brisbane

Once again Sven Swenson shines out as a mastercraftsman; the writing is supreme and the characters are complete human beings uncovered from some dark crevices of the human psyche.

Bobby-Lea Dionysius – Aussie Theatre

With cliffhangers before the first and second intervals, Tiptoe doesn’t end up going into the territory you might expect. Swenson’s script cleverly intercuts three time periods, constantly switching back and forth, and the full final act reveal of what happened to these tortured souls drip-feeds information from all three. It’s a sharp way of writing and real edge-of-the-seat stuff.

Finn Kirkman – The Music

This intriguing psychological thriller from Brisbane playwright Sven Swenson...is a story with many twists – all of which you won’t likely see coming. And if you think theatre can’t bring you to the edge of your seat, this suspense-ridden plot will change your mind.

Kellie Scott - Absolute Theatre